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We allow dogs in the Valley View cabin only.  You may have  up to two dogs at a time in the cabin.  The dogs must not exceed a weight of 60 pounds each. We do not allow pets in any of our other cabins and we do not make exceptions to that rule. If we find that you have violated this rule you will be asked to leave and be charged a $100 cleaning fee. 


You must have prior approval before bringing your dog. 


We will charge a $20.00 per night pet fee. 


Your dog must be on a leash at all times when outside. You may not chain your dog up outside of the cabin. 


Your dog must be kept in the vicinity of  the Valley View Cabin and the field and woods beside it. Do not walk your dog to any of the other cabins or to our  Hobby Farm. 


Your dog must be housebroken and free of ticks and fleas. If you do not have your dog on a flea and tick deterrent we sugguest you use one prior to your arrival as fleas and ticks are prevalent in our area.


If your dog acts up when left alone you must crate it. We do not provide crates.


If your dog is vicious or has behavioral problems please do not bring it. 


You must clean up after your dog inside and out. Do not leave dog poop where people can step in it. You can throw it in the woods if you like or bag it and throw it in the trash. 


The pet fee is not our pet clean up fee. You are responsible for cleaning up your pet hair inside of the cabin. There are brooms and a vacuum provided.


If your dog damages anything in the cabin you will be responsible for replacing it.


Thank you in advance for being a responsible and considerate dog owner.

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